čtvrtek 25. července 2013

Estee Lauder Cello Shots Lip Shine in Techno Jam

As I wrote in my last post I bought the new Cheek Rush blush which was a part of Cello Shots collection by Estee Lauder. And because I was looking for a perfectly matching lipstick, I bought the Lip Shine from this collection in the exact same color as well.

Estee Lauder Cello Shots Cheek Rush (will be part of permanent collection)

Estee Lauder Cello Shots Lip Shine (limited edition)

The Lip Shine feels absolutely amazing on my lips – it's very lightweight and moisturizing. There is no stickiness and it definitely doesn't dry out my lips.

Estee Lauder Cello Shots Lip Shine in Techno Jam

Estee Lauder Cello Shots Lip Shine in Techno Jam

The color I chose is in the shade Techno Jam, which is gorgeous cherry red with no shimmer and decent sheen. First I thought the color won't show up a lot, but it was a big mistake. The color is actually pretty visible in only 1 coat!

Estee Lauder Cello Shots Lip Shine & Cheek Rush

Estee Lauder Cello Shots Lip Shine in Techno Jam

It lasts on my lips for about 2 – 2,5 hrs.

"Beauty, to me, is about being
comfortable in your own skin.
That, or a kick-ass red lipstick."
Gwyneth Paltrow

I'm definitely glad I purchased this lipstick, but to be honest, I bought it only because I was looking for a matching color with the blush from the same collection. It's definitely a great product, but probably not a must-have.

How do you like this color? Do you like limited editions by Estee Lauder?

středa 10. července 2013

Estee Lauder Cello Shots Cheek Rush in Techno Jam

I was very excited when I saw the new Cello Shots collection by Estee Lauder at our local Sephora and because I like all non-powdery blushes I decided the buy the new „Cheek Rush“. I also bought a lipstick Lip Shine in the same shade as the blush, but today I'm reviewing only the blush Cheek Rush.

Estee Lauder Cello Shots: Cheek Rush & Lip Shine

Estee Lauder Cello Shots Cheek Rush

The blush has a gel-like consistency which blends so easily. I suggest to work quickly with the product because once it dries it stays on its place and won't move. I also think the best way how to apply the blush is with the brush. You can definitely use your fingertips, but please note the product horribly stains the skin and it's hard to remove.

Estee Lauder Cheek Rush in Techno Jam

Estee Lauder Cheek Rush in Techno Jam - from left Cheek Rush in Techno Jam 1 layer blended, Cheek Rush in Techno Jam not blended, Lip Shine in Techno Jam

The color I chose is in the shade Techno Jam, which is beautiful cherry red with no shimmer. The color looks pretty scary at the beginning but when blended it actually gets sheer - which I like, because I'm very fair. I usually need only 1 or 2 layers of this, but if you are not that pale as I am you can definitely build it up. The color looks very natural and dries into matt.

As you can see the color is in 1 layer pretty sheer, but if you want, you can definitely build it up.

The pump is very hygienic. Other hand it gives me more product than I would need.

The packaging is very simple – I don't mind it, but for the price it could look more luxurious.

Overall – I like the color, consistency, natural finish and I like there's no shimmer. I don't like the price and the pump which gives me always more product than I would need.

Did you buy anything from this collection? How do you like it?

pátek 5. července 2013

Essence Top Innovation: gel nails at home

Do it yourself at home: from August 2013, you can easily create stylish and trendy gel nails in the comfort of your own home with essence gel nails at home.

essence gel nails

> A perfect high shine gel manicure with a quick and easy application
> Endless choice of colour: a natural french or colour look with any essence nail polish
> Easy off – simply peel off the gel to remove
> Lasts up to 10 days
All those well-known nail polish problems are finally over: no more chipping or scratches. Instead, you can now look forward to long-lasting, shiny gel nails that can be removed by simply peeling them off! The new technology is based on an innovative “peel-off gel base” formula specially developed for essence, which hardens within seconds underneath the essence LED lamp.
Sensational: this unique concept works with any essence colour & go nail polish, so there’s absolutely no limit to your choice of colour! And as always with essence, the gel nails at home products are available at an unbeatable, low price.

And here's how it works:


Use the nail file to get your nails into the desired shape and then carefully push back your cuticles with rosewood stick. Next, put some nail cleanser on a lint-free cotton pad to remove any dust, oil or grease from your nails. Now it's time to apply primer over your entire nail so that it is completely covered from the hal-moon to the tip.


Apply a thick and even layer of the peel off gel base over the entire nail and cure for 60 seconds under the LED lamp (press the essence logo on the lamp).

essence gel nails at home will be available on a trend edition display in Australia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Kuwait, Malta, and Tunisia.
essence gel nails at home will be available in the large (2 meter) essence beauty shop in Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, South Africa, Kasachstan, Irland, Poland, and Chile.

What about you and gel nails? 

středa 3. července 2013

Catrice It Pieces

Trend show! The big international fashion shows are over and the articles about the collections have been written. The must-haves of the season have been announced. And now it’s time to start the hunt for the true “It Pieces”. Trendy items that determine a look. Details that are absolutely essential. Innovations that are an asset to the fashion season.
CATRICE can always be found in the places where trends are born. Where the finger is on the pulse of time and where you can feel the rhythm of the big city up close. Haute couture or street influence? CATRICE knows the answers and translates the latest fashion trends into beauty products.
We will be presenting the highlights of the season with the Limited Edition “It Pieces” by CATRICE from August 2013. It includes numerous innovations such as the Liquid Metal Eyeshadows, the PURE SHINE Colour Lip Balms and the Blush Tint for Cheeks and Lips. It Pieces – by CATRICE. (Catrice)

Liquid Metal Eyeshadow

Metallic Eyes. The new Liquid Metal Eyeshadows shimmer on your lids like liquid metal this season. |Four fashion shades – champagne, rose, petrol and mauve – with unique chrome effects and an innovative 3D relief structure. These eyeshadows prove their style expertise with maximum pigmentation, a silky texture and intensive color dispersion. Look and see! Available in C010 Look Me In The Ice, C020 Gold n' Roses, C060 Petrol Pan and C080 Mauves Like Jagger.

Better Than False Lashes

False Lashes. Lashes need to achieve XXL dimensions in the Fall/Winter Season 2013. The new Better tah False Lashes Mascara with a medium-sized fibre brush is a great help and is joining the It Pieces collection in two versions:Ultra Black ad Waterproof. The triple volume brush guarantees dramatic volume, ultimate lenght and extreme curl. Ophtalmologically tested. Available in Ultra Black as well as Waterproof.

Pure Shine Colour Lip Balm

Lipsticks. A trend that unites the beautiful with the practical. The new Pure Shine Colour Lip Balms not only fulfill all your aesthetic dreams, they also have a retractable mine and fit in every handbag. The creamy, super-soft texture pampers your lips with moisture and leaves behind a smooth, shiny finish. In the trendy shade flamingo pink, for example. No sticky feeling, just plenty of care and lovely scent. Available in C030 Don't Think Just Pink, C040 My Cherry Berry, C060 Go Flamingo Go! and C070 I Don't Red It.

Blush Tint

Tints. The new Blush Tint by CATRICE is 2 in 1 product and is suitable for both your cheeks and your lips. The gel-like texture can be applied effortlessly using the soft flock applicator. For stronger colour intensity, simply apply another layer. One shade to suit all skin types. This is what beauty tools of the future look like! Available in C010 Rose Flush. (This reminds me so much of Benetint by Benefit!)

Ultimated Nail Lacquer

High Gloss. The „Gloss Booster“ technology, which was specially developed for CATRICE, gives your nails an instant hgih-shine finish. The innovative reservoir brush made of patented Natrafil fibers is so intelligent that it knows exactly how much nail polish is needed. No more annonying dripping, no unwanted mishaps. Instead, you get pure colour in four beautiful rose and pink shades. Available in C01 Fuchsiarama, C020 Meet Me At Coral Island, C026 Raspberryfields Forever and C027 The Pinky And The Brain. 10 ml.

It Pieces by Catrice will be available in stores from August 2013. The products will be joining the standard CATRICE rande afterwards.

It Pieces will be available in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia, Ukraine, Palestine, Korea, and Malaysia.

Overall I like this collection – I love the colors and I'm very curious about the Blush Tint which reminds me so much of Benetint by Benefit.

How do you like this collection? 

pondělí 1. července 2013

Lancome Gloss in Love in 162 Starlett Scarlett

If you are a huge Lancôme fan (as I am), you probably noticed there are some new lip glosses on the market. And because I'll probably never have enough lip glosses, I had to have one...

Lancome Gloss in Love Starlett Scarlett

The consistency of the lip gloss is somewhere in the middle, it's definitely not thick, but it doesn't feel „light“ on my lips as well. It's slightly sticky but overall it wears well and doesn't dry out my lips.

The gloss has a very soft and almost unnoticable scent which reminds me of vanilla.

What I really like about this product is the click - opening mechanism. I know it's a gimmick, but it definitely works on me! You don't have to twist anything, just one click and the gloss is opened.

Lancome Gloss in Love Starlett Scarlett

I chose the shade 162 Starlett Scarlett, which is a medium red with tiny shimmer particles. It's a perfect shade for everyday wear, because it adds just the right ammount of the color to my lips, but doesn't look to bold.

Lancome Gloss in Love Starlett Scarlett

Lancome Gloss in Love Starlett Scarlett

Lancome Gloss in Love Starlett Scarlett

The gloss lasts on my lips for about 4 – 4,5 hrs.

The „Expert“ applicator is slightly curved, which I find actually very handy. It perfectly fits on my lips and makes the whole application much easier.

Lancome Gloss in Love Starlett Scarlett - Expert applicator

Lancome Gloss in Love Starlett Scarlett

I do like this product a lot. I like the color, I like the applicator and of course I LOVE the click – opening mechanism. It's a very good product which is definitely worth to buy.

What do your think about these new glosses? Do you like the click - opening mechanism?